Sculptures that "Might" be Spoons

When is a spoon not a spoon? When it's a sculpture. The artist uses wood found primarily on his property to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Kēvin's "spoons" recall an earlier time, perhaps when pioneers pushed out onto the prairies, or in a time of magic when wizards conjured spells. Many of these creations carry overtones of The Hobbit or shades of Harry Potter. These objet d'art are meant for decoration only, as the oils used to enhance and restore the wood are not for human consumption.

Objet D'art (Home Decor)

Unique wood items to decorate your home. Hand made from forest woods, old barns, and shells, these items will find a treasured place in your home.

Walking Sticks

When out for a walk in the park or a hike through Mother Nature's beauty, a good stick is essential. Pretty much any old stick will do, so you say. I say, why not be fashion forward and use a stick that makes a statement? One that fits your needs, style, and budget. I road test each of my walking sticks before they are posted for sale.

Stone-blade Knives

One can almost smell the fires from ancient man when one handles these stone knife keepsakes. Fashioned from artisan-made stone blades, wood, antlers, and artificial sinew, whether large or small, these knives make a wonderful gift for that special person.

Stone-head Coup Sticks

A Plains Indian warrior earned respect through battle. "Counting coup" was an expression meaning that the warrior got close enough to his enemy to touch him with his hand or coup stick. My Decorated Club/Coup Sticks are made using a variety of materials. I make them using wood and stone as the basis, but I decorate with a variety of materials, including copper, brass, deer antler/teeth, leather thongs, feathers, and cartridges. These weapons were used as late as the 20th century by the Nomads of the American Plains.

Stone Tipped Arrows

My arrows are fashioned from small stone tips and branches of the Butterfly bush, skinned, dried, straightened, and painted. The fletches are pheasant or duck feathers. These arrows make wonderful wall decorations. I have personally gifted arrows to my family and friends who have "aimed high."

U Make A Memory

U Make A Memory is a great way for you to create your own wooden spoon work of art. Perfect for entertaining a small group or kids on a rainy day. Each nearly finished spoon is unique and comes inside a plain paper wrapper. (one per order) Your surprise awaits when you unwrap your treasure. The spoon simply needs to be sanded (2 weights of sandpaper included) and finished with stain or paints. Just add the hanging loop (included) and your memory is complete.

Fine Art Prints

Years of drawing and painting have given me a treasure trove of art. I have a stack of sketchbooks, which remain intact, but I can share that art through these scans and prints at a very modest price. Many of these drawings grace hunting cabins, dens, and quite a few homes throughout North America.